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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  May 10, 2012 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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new this morning, a suspect in a park slaying is shot and killed by san francisco police. the latest coming up in a live report. a massive fire lighting up a santa clara neighborhood. the latest on the cleanup. more reaction this morning on president obama's endorsement of gay marriage. why some experts say it could end up hurting his campaign. right now, we have a live look outside. that is a very clear golden gate bridge, but it's very early on this thursday, may 10th, "today in the bay." good morning, everybody, the time now is 4:30, i'm jon
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kelley. >> and i'm laura garcia-cannon. lots to get to this morning. let's first check that forecast with christina loren. good morning. >> good morning. friday eve, you're so close to that weekend now and the weather today is going to be rather comfortable. we are not cranking up the heat all that much. temperatures climbing into the 80s. we're in the 50s to start. but things start to change as we head into that mother's day weekend. it's 4:31, we want to check that drive with mike. >> overnight, we had an accident blocking the accident from southbound 101. we had activity on the onramp, as well. sounded like from chp's report. but now sounds like on and off ramps are open, however, there may be activity. flashing lights on the surface street. be prepared for that if you're using milbray. south of the airport, no slowing up into the city. and a smooth drive across the bay bridge. getting away from the bridge eastbound east shore freeway interstate 80, construction from the bend up to gilman.
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also construction here. the caldecott tunnel westbound and your commute direction coming through orenda. we'll track it, that is a major commute spot. coming up in an hour, we'll see the volume increasing. also past the coliseum, southbound side as you're approaching out of the downtown area, we have construction at high street, but no other concerns and you see a nice flow, guys. back to you for now. >> thank you, mike. new this morning, a deadly police shooting in san francisco. the victim, a man wanted in connection with the north bay murder. christie smith live with details of the standoff and shootout. >> it was quite a wild scene. they plan to provide more details about this officer-involved shooting here in the city. tied to a homicide earlier this week. it all came to a head late last night when police say that person of interest in this case was shot and killed by san
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francisco police after he barricaded himself in the 800 block of poe street. they went to the apartment to contact the man, but after his girlfriend answered, they say he started firing. of course they evacuated the building. they shut down streets around it and then for the next hour they say kept firing and exhibiting other odd behavior. >> over the course of the next hour, the suspect fired multiple shots through walls and floors and building had other people in it. at some point in time in the ballpark at 10:00, the suspect set fires within the apartment. >> that man was a person of interest in the killing of a 66-year-old woman found dead in her home on tuesday. she was beaten. police said her suv at the time was missing. exactly what their relationship was if any is still unclear. san francisco police saying they're going to provide an update at 11:00 this morning.
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christie smith, "today in the bay." fire crews busy overnight, mopping up a massive five-alarm fire in santa clara. take a look at this video near the corner of el camino. about 50 firefighters from santa clara, san jose, and the county working very, very hard to knock down those flames. the good news is, nobody was living in those homes and nobody was injured. investigators at this point now trying to figure out exactly what caused the fire. 4:34. praise and condemnation continue this morning after president obama's historic announcement. mr. obama has become the first sitting u.s. president to endorse gay marriage. >> i just concluded that for me personally it is important for me to go ahead and affirm that i think same-sex couples should be
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able to get married. >> you hear that we're no longer second-class citizens anymore. the law still has to catch up. >> members of the lgbt community here in the bay area are celebrating the endorsement. but not everybody is happy. some are accusing the president of flip-flopping on a statement he made in 2008 when he said he believed a marriage is between a man and woman. republican rival mitt romney, meantime, is making his decision clear. >> my view is that marriage itself is a relationship between a man and a woman and that's my own preference. >> politicians say the president's endorsement is a risky move for the president in an election year and could turn voters in key swing states against him. president obama emphasized he still supports the right of each state to make its own decision. in the wake of yesterday's announcement, president obama will be in los angeles tonight for a star-studded fundraiser. george clooney will host a
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lavish dinner in his home for the president. the l.a. times reports more than 100 people are paying $40,000 a ticket to attend. organizers expect to raise more than $15 million for the president's reelection campaign. president obama will also be in the bay area later this month for several fundraisers. a teenager charged with being a motorcycle hitman as well as a lamborghini thief. accused of stealing a lamborghini, police found the car while searching for evidence following his arrest for shooting at a couple in a pickup while riding a motorcycle. the teen has been charged as an adult with attempted murder, vehicle theft, and other counts. the family of a north bay student killed receiving his university diploma this weekend. jordan frahm was weeks from graduating when he was swept
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overboard during a sailboat race. this weekend, the university presenting his family with his diploma and they will announce the creation of a scholarship fund in his honor. nbc bay area's jody hernandez will have more on this story coming up tonight. police have a composite sketch of a man they're looking for in mountain view who has exposed himself to a 13-year-old girl twice. police say they suspect the picture is the same man in both cases. the most recent incident took place near the intersection of central expressway. as the girl was walking home from middle school. the girl says, the same man did the same thing just over a year ago. the suspect is described as being in his 50s, was driving a red jeep, possibly a cherokee. if you recognize the man, you're asked to call mountain view police. this morning, protesters rallying in the east bay to encourage b.a.r.t. to go ahead and shop around. protesters said to gather outside in oakland today asking b.a.r.t. to get a better deal on the plan to overhaul the fleet
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of trains. b.a.r.t. wants the canadian company to build 775 new rail cars for $1.5 billion. about 2/3 of the train parts would be made here in the united states. the second lowest bidder, the french company offered a price of $1.7 billion but promises 95% of the parts would be made in the united states. protesters begin rallying at 8:15 outside of b.a.r.t. headquarters. san francisco teachers all set to take a vote today on whether they will go on strike. yes, they are upset with a decision by the school board to lay off more than 200 teachers and staff during the next school year. the teachers union says the board's $80 million reserve fund is enough to keep the job and give the teachers a 2% raise. the school board says it needs to keep that reserve intact to avoid a deficit over the next two years. i think the temperatures are going to drop today. let's check in with a specialist, christina loren.
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>> they're going to be just about as cool at the coast as they were yesterday and warm yesterday. microclimates key to your forecast in your city. 50 degrees in oakland right now. 52 in san jose. right now, temperatures are uniform. come noon today, though, we're going to see about a 15-degree separation of what we're expecting at the coast versus the inland temperature. you want to dress for the summertime versus the spring. we are going to continuously climb throughout the upcoming weekend. temperatures jumping by 10 degrees for mother's day. all working out like this. as you're getting your day started taking out your wardrobe, up to 82 degrees by 4:00 p.m. by the bay, staying on the cool side. at least until noon, at 69 degrees at that point and you'll round out the day in the 70s again. you remember what it was like yesterday. basically a repeat performance. we're going to have that low deck of clouds right at the coastline. shouldn't interrupt your drive too much this morning.
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let's see what he's watching right here, right now. hi, mike. >> we're taking a look at highway 24. i told folks there was construction getting to the caldecott. first of all, the onramp is still blocked. but construction crews said, oh, we're done, we're clear. that's good for them, good for you if you're headed through the caldecott. no more lane restrictions westbound in the commute direction. now over on the peninsula, across the dumbarton bridge, over toward the newark and fremont side, you have one lane blocked. the westbound side should have their crews cleared in the next few minutes. bottom of your screen 101 northbound from embarcadero, actually shoreline to embarcade embarcadero, they should be opening a few more in the next few minutes. highway 85 around that 101 interchange, as well, all in mountain view going to see a lot of activity there. over on the right side of your
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screen. there's also construction on the northbound side, and i hear there's a construction on either side of the freeway. a lot of lights, you don't have to go through the middle and a live look at the middle of your screen. 280, there's a crew there, expect construction north of the interchange with that 17 freeway. >> people are already coming and going. thanks, mike. it is 4:41 right now. she lived in her home for 39 years, but a san jose woman being forced out on mother's day. how much would you pay for a piece of san francisco history? we're going to take you inside the iconic landmark up for sale. also, the hot new diet tip, using foods that are exactly very, very hot. hey, your high speed internet here at home...
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welcome back, everybody, on a thursday morning. all clear as we give you a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. be nice if they could do that all day long. still waiting for the sun to come up. it is 4:44. sunday will be a difficult day for a san jose woman. she's losing her home to foreclosure. and unless she comes up with the money, she'll be locked out on
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all days, but mother's day. >> reporter: it's been a tough two years for chery, her husband died after almost 50 years of marriage and now she's losing her home. she's paying the ultimate price for a bad loan that she and her late husband jerry could not afford. between jerry's medical issues and a fixed income, they could not meet the $5,000 a month payment. now she's selling things off to make extra money. and barring an 11th hour miracle, she's been ordered by the court to hand over the keys on mother's day. >> the bad thing is, i can't even spend mother's day having dinner with my kids because i am being locked out at 5:00. >> reporter: this entertainment center did not sell at the estate sale. so here it sits for anyone who wants it. the good news is, chery found a place to live, one-bedroom apartment here in l.a. she's had to say good-bye of her dog of seven years because she won't be allowed to have him in
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the next place. for sure this sunday will be an emotional moment for chery and her neighbors. "today in the bay." time now to check out your weather for a thursday. >> hey, hey, hey. you made it to thursday. so close to the weekend now scoop we've got a good-looking weekend shaping up for you. temperatures this morning are on the mild side. i want to show you what we're going to expect through the next 48 hours. a nice, cool breeze, high pressure moving in from the north. for us, it's going to take a couple days to set up over the great basin. we'll see onshore flow today, tomorrow, as well. and that's going to keep your temperatures on the mild side. just about where they should be for this time of year at the coast. however, those microclimates reallyin. and we're talking about a major warm-up. >> thank you very much. the markets have been on a downhill slide all week. we're going to have a look at what's happening with traders and the rest of the news before the bell. >> what she says, i'm with her.
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we'll check in with jackie at cnbc world headquarters. good morning. >> good morning to you. the futures are looking up at this hour. cisco systems going to be the one everyone's watching. it could weigh on the tech sector as the company warns customers are being cautious with i.t. spending and taking longer to close deals. closing off the session lows, one floor trading it calling the rumor monger olympics. about whether spain needs a bailout, and rumors about greece and whether it'll be denied the next round of bailout money. it turns out that greece will need the money. we're going to get data in the u.s. about unemployment, trade deficit, and import prices, we saw the dow fall to 12,835, the nasdaq lost 11 points to 2,984. fannie mae reported the biggest profit since the mortgage giant was bailed out in 2008.
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those reflect a drop in bad loans on fannie's book and they've paid back to the treasury. they won't need any more taxpayer money. it's drawn $117 billion in aid since 2008. and the u.s. postal service is backing off a plan to close thousands of smaller post offices this year. instead proposed to keep them open, but with shorter hours. another option would be to close a post office in one area but keep another one nearby open full-time or communities could set one up in a local library, store, or walmart. that project a loss of $14 billion this year. back over to you. >> thank you very much. we'll check with you later on in the show. there's good news and bad news in america's battle with weight gain. according to a government report, more people will be obese in the coming years. right now, 36% of americans are considered obese. that figure is expected to grow by 42% by 2030. the good news is that the rate of people becoming obese has
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slowed from the record pace it's been setting in the last 30 years. well, the hottest new weight loss treatment could come from eating spicy foods. doctors in boston say the chemical that makes hot sauce hot can disrupt hunger signals to the brain. it may also help melt away so-called bad fat located in the abdomen around the organs and the liver. so turn up the heat, jon kelley. >> absolutely. look for some picante cake and donu donuts. make sure to dust off that helmet, it is bike to workday. how people all over the bay are taking part. plus, a chance for you to own a piece of san francisco history if you've got the money. how much you'll have to pay for one of the famous painted ladies next. and regardless of how your car's painted, you're flowing smoothly on 17. the construction just cleared here. where else we're watching with those road crews still doing their work coming up.
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throughout your body. the latestesearch shows cigarette smoke contains over 7,000 chemicals that spread through your blood vessels... causing inflammation and clotting... restricting oxygen flow... and doubling your risk of heart attack and death... i'm dr. regina benjamin, u.s. surgeon general. with each cigarette, you have to ask yourself: "is this the one that will cause a heart attack?" if you really want to quit smoking, call 1-800-quit-now. welcome back, everybody, on a thursday morning. a live look at downtown san jose. looks like some kind of city worker out there getting something done. cleaning them up for us, keeping these streets clean. it is 4:52 right now.
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and speaking of getting out on the streets, it's time to grab that helmet and lunch pail and bike to work today. events planned over the bay area to celebrate this in the south bay. the silicon valley bicycle coalition setting up energizer stations that will feature snacks and drinks. now, in oakland, mayor jean quan says she'll be hitting the streets on two wheels today. >> i'm going to be starting from far east oakland at the east mont police station and i'm going to ride all the way in across oakland. >> all right jean quan, biking pants. >> ed lee will also ride his bike today. >> plans are underway to help the state's fish population stay above the water. 60,000 baby salmon will be released into fisheries in half moon bay later on today. trying to restock its farms after losing fish to delta water pumps. more fish will be spotted than in recent years.
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better ocean conditions are helping with that population growth. thousands of people take their pictures with them each and every year. and now lucky few get to go inside san francisco's iconic painted ladies. one of the famous homes is up for sale at $2 million. a five bedroom, 2 1/2 bath home with views. the listing agency says the housing market picking up, she expects the historic home to sell very quickly. >> how many single family residences are there that you can show to anybody in the whole world and they know where it is and what it is? it's amazing. >> for the record, this home was built back in 1894. still has a lot of the original features and the woodwork. the owner kept an add for the previous sale, must have been a while ago. this was posted when the house was on the market for a mere $8,000. >> wow, no kidding. times have changed. >> understatement. let's check the forecast
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right now. always beautiful in the bay area. how are we looking today, christina? >> i fell in love with that full house when it was issued. you know what i mean? we watched tgif every single night. that's cool stuff there. hopefully someone out there will buy it. mild inland, cool at the coast yet again. it's going to be a really nice day today if you're waking up with us bay side. i think it's going to be a little bit warm in places like gilroy where we did hit the 90s. things do start to change a little bit. we're going to warm you up, but today, tomorrow, looking pretty good. onshore flow firmly in place. little trough of low pressure tried to squeak through the bay area last night. fell apart on its way. but it has ushered in a stronger onshore flow. for us today, the same as it was yesterday. wake up with that full deck of clouds. temperatures running in the 80s inland versus the 70s by the water. 72 in san francisco. and as we head to the next couple of days, things do change a little bit, 89 degrees on sunday, 89 for monday, and then
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next week, staying nice and toasty. so today is bike to workday. and you can comfortably wear your spandex, mike. back to you. >> comfortably today, but yesterday was fine too. so another day in the newsroom for mike. we're looking over here to 680. don't bike on the freeway. the cars are moving fine despite the construction here. basically san ramon, diablo, here we're looking at bullinger canyon. both directions have a lane closed at a time as you're passing in either direction. no slowing on the sensors and we have a nice, smooth flow just north of that dublin interchange. south of there and heading through pleasanton and sunol, all week we've seen the slow down start before 6:30 we've seen speeds in the 40s and 50s. a tough dry out of the pleasanton valley and a smooth drive into it. through livermore and toward that dublin interchange. live look outside, we'll see what things are like at the toll plaza. the bay bridge and light traffic right now. 18 minutes from the carquinez bridge down the east shore
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freeway, you see the lights moving. we like to see that at the toll plaza. but that'll change. you know it'll change. back to you. >> you know it very well. thank you. >> heads up right now in case you've forgotten. mother's day is coming up on sunday. and in case you've forgotten the perfect gift. we're going to tell you maybe what not to get. >> a mop to mop the floor. >> an appliance. >> i think my husband got me a water pick one time. i don't want anything like from the bath shop or any of those packages because they usually aren't my fragrance. >> i don't like getting gift certificates or cards because there's not a lot of thought put into it. >> in fact most moms say they're content with the simplest of things like flowers, hugs and kisses and spending time with the family. >> water picks aren't sexy? >> we'll be right back.
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